Progress Update 3/12/2022

Our lead programmer continues to focus their efforts on the multicell prototype, while everyone else has been working on changes that have not yet been committed to the game proper. As a result we unfortunately do not have anything of substance to show off this week.

Refactoring the microbe editor turned out to be quite the feat, but we are happy to say that it is now complete and ready to go. This is a vital step in the creation of the next stage, as the multicellular editor will reuse many parts of the microbe editor to allow players to create specialized cells, and later on, flesh.

As depicted in this concept art of the multicellular editor, the idea is that you will be able to access a confined form of the microbe editor to customize a cell and save it. Thus we needed to share it’s internal workings with other parts of the game, something that was previously impossible due to how it was built.

Our lead programmer Hhyyrylainen described the situation like this: “We probably should have had a bit more foresight with our editor code design and splitting it into multiple Godot scenes as this refactoring was needed because the current editor code was a huge monolith from which parts for the multicellular editor could not be utilized”.

If everything goes as planned, the multicellular editor will likely resemble something like this depiction by Mirrormonkey12. For the early stage, we intend to stick with the familiar hexgrid for the editor, which you will use to arrange your created cells.

You can read more about the multicellular stage by visiting the following links;
Latest discussion on the editor
Multicellular GDD


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Updated translations
  • Microbe editor has been refactored


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