Progress Update 3/20/2021

New devbuild for patrons! This time we fixed an issue where a big Thrive logo remained in front of the game. The rigidity slider now shows movement as a percentage to make things more clear and we also added two new languages, Swedish and Latvian.

We keep discussing about hiding locked organelles in the editor tab. It looks like the community likes this feature and we are now deciding how these organelles should be hidden.


  • New Devbuild:
    • Fullscreen effect filters now use a blank placeholder texture. Should solve the big logo overlaying on the game in GLES2 mode when chromatic aberration is enabled.
    • Rigidity slider now shows movement as percentage
    • Removed “water concentration” from a tooltip
    • Two new languages: Swedish and Latvian
    • Updated translations


  • Nothing Substantial



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Concept for resource competition


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial