Progress Update 3/26/2022

This past week we’ve witnessed some increased interest in our project coinciding with the release of Oliver’s video, along with the addition of two new programmers to our team. We’d like to welcome everyone to our community, and hope to continue to impress and inspire with our steadily growing game.

Progress on our multicellular prototype has reached a point where we can now reveal visible results! It may not look pretty now, but every gem begins life as a dull and uncut stone. There’s still a lot to be done however, and the prototype is not yet in any playable state. We’ve also made some progress on an engulfment rework, which should make predation much more engaging and interesting!


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Switched chemoreceptor to use a different algorithm based on rays around the cell to find compound positions
    • Updated translations
  • We have now made visible progress on the editor in the multicell prototype. Note that what you see below may be subject to change in the future, and is not final.
Here you can see the early beginnings of the multicellular editor, the layout of which might seem familiar. Before the shift to proper 3D perspective, your organism will continue to be edited in the familiar hexgrid editor as a cluster of individual cells.


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