Progress Update 4/10/2021

Another new devbuild for our patrons, it fixes some issues with translations and the AI. We are also improving the toxin particle effects and we started working on a new cilia animated model.

We keep working on the sound effect for ice damage, now it sounds more like ice crackling. And finally we have two new members on our team, GwenBenzschawel and NathanB!


  • Added a delay to toxin particles so they don’t disappear just after hitting a cell
  • New devbuild:
    • Fixed AI being unable to shoot toxins
    • Fixed crash trying to go back to the menu
    • Fixed translations not being applied when the game loads
    • Key names like Home, End etc. can now be translated
    • Updated translations


  • Working on cilia


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Working on ice damage sounds


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial