Progress Update 4/11/2020

We have new concepts for the Planet generator UI, we are trying to figure out how many features and options it should have. In our current concept it has three options: Randomized, Themed and Preset (or Override, we haven’t decided the name yet), each option being less random and allowing the player to either change the settings to their liking or to stick to a given theme, like earth-like planets.

We have a new member in the team too, Phrenotopian, who you may know from his videos about alien evolution, has recently joined us as a theorist! A very welcome addition given how few theorists we have. And of course we keep working on Godot nonstop, each week we are nearer and nearer to the full conversion.


  • We keep working on the Godot conversion
  • Testing particles


  • More work on the Planet Generator concepts



  • Nothing Substantial



  • Nothing Substantial