Progress Update 4/17/2021

We have a couple of new models, first one for Cytoplasm chunks. As you may know when cells die, their organelles are left in the open water as they rupture in several chunks. Until now if cells only had cytoplasm those cell fragments were represented by mitochondria but with this new model we no longer need to use that organelle as a placeholder.

The other model is for Chemoreceptors, an organelle that isn’t implemented yet but that will aid the player with finding compounds. We are also progressing in the new spawn system, the patch map and on binding agents, so it looks like a new release is coming!


  • Cytoplasm chunks now appear when cells die
  • Refactored editor part selection buttons
  • Progress on binding agents
  • Progress on the new spawn system
  • Improved the Patch Report graphs so lines don’t get squished when there are very high values.
  • Progress on a procedural patch map.


  • New model for cytoplasm chunks
  • New model for chemoreceptors
  • More progress on the cilia model


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