Progress Update 4/3/2021

Several fixes were included in the newest devbuild for our Patrons, like improved 4x symmetry rotation, made some texts translatable or decreasing the Organelle moving cost. We are also working on improving the spawn system and on a new cheat menu.

New sound effects are being worked on, these are for ATP starvation and ice damage, you can listen to them down below. And we also have a new concept for 3D membranes, a topic we talked about in the forums during this week.


  • New devbuild:
    • Tutorial now references the new organelle popup menu
    • Fixed inputs not working after canceling a rebind
    • Some more texts now react to language change (patch names)
    • Some untranslatable texts can now be translated (external effects, extinction)
    • Population display now uses big number suffixes to not overflow the box it is contained in
    • Thermoplast now says that it is not implemented
    • Organelle move costs now only 5 MP
    • 4x symmetry rotation works more sensibly now
    • Fixed German translation crashing the game
    • Updated translations
    • Two new languages: Estonian and Dutch
  • Discussion about 3D membranes
  • Working on a new popup cheat menu
  • Progress on improving the spawn system


  • Membrane concepts


  • Nothing Substantial


  • New ATP starvation sound
  • New Ice damage sounds


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • KloudCreator is back on our team!