Progress Update 5/22/2021

A lot of new stuff during this week. We’ve implemented many new features like concept art during loading screens, membrane preview during the editor sessions and we fixed Glucose not decaying over time. Some of these are in the newest Build of the day for our patrons.

Speaking of which, we reached our second Patreon goal! We now can hire a part-time developer which now guarantees continual progress on the game. We’re getting things moving forward about this, so stay tuned for future updates.


  • New Build of the Day:
    • Added concept art to the loading screen
    • Moving organelles placed in the current editor session is now free
    • Fixed glucose decay not working. Glucose decay is finally back
    • When organelle move is in progress, there’s now a button to cancel it
    • Added tooltips on compound amounts and compounds on patch details
    • Environmental toxins now wait for particles to decay before despawning
    • Improved editor hover hex handling when loading a save
    • Fixed deleting the editor light when starting up the editor
    • Compound graphs now show change over time
    • Improved line graph display with insufficient data
    • Editor button can no longer be clicked multiple times rapidly
    • New language added: Thai
    • Updated translations
  • Updated the documentation
  • Membranes can now be previewed in the editor
  • Membranes now wiggle depending on their rigidity and type


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  • Nothing Substantial


  • We reached our second patreon goal!