Progress Update 5/23/2020

As usual, we discussed what new features are going to be in the next release. We want to make a bugfix patch before a bigger update, but we aren’t sure how easy that would be, so for now we can’t tell if that’s going to be released.

Meanwhile, we also worked on rebalancing the game for the next patch, implementing a saving feature and also made some very cool effects for cell deaths and iron chunks despawning. And finally a new developer, Nokk joined the team!


  • New Screenshot feature
  • Progress on saving


  • New cell death and chunk despawn effects


  • Progress on gameplay balancing


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial



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  1. I know that this is very early in the development of this game and you have yet many things to do in this stage, but did your vision for the original plans of the game changed or are they the same?

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