Progress Update 6/11/2021

For the past few days we have made some further progress on binding agents alongside various other improvements to Thrive. We are still aiming to have binding agents ready to release around the 19th. For that we now have a public release candidate test build that will be mostly the same as the full 0.5.4 release. You can find that here.

Last week we had a poll to decide on how people would like to donate to Thrive. The poll’s results determined that a majority of players were interested in supporting Thrive through steam. With that decided, we are now running a poll to decide on how much Thrive will cost on steam. Tell us what you think here!


  • New Build of the Day:
    • Binding agents are now back to working (after breaking due to other changes over the few months), but with some pretty serious bugs.
    • Microbe mutations algorithm was tweaked to make a bit larger cells.
    • Structure of AI code improved.
    • Updated translations, still many translations have the incorrect bbcode usage in them.
    • Improved automatic code style enforcing naming checks.
  • RC1 test build for 0.5.4


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Work on various balance tweaks.


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Welcome to our new developers, 84634E1A607A and Thim!

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