Progress Update 6/13/2020

Today’s highlight is ATP bars. The original idea behind them is that they showed how much ATP each process and organelle produced or consumed so the player had a better idea about their cell’s viability and built better organisms. These new ATP bars match that concept and they even allow you to hide individual segments to see what happens when one or more processes are inactive or to compare different builds.

There’s also a concept for a similar feature, the Processes menu, which shows how much resources the cell consumes and produces in the same way. We also made a new chromatic aberration effect so the game looks more realistic and gives the feeling of looking through a microscope.


  • Progress on segmenting the ATP bars
  • Working on a loading screen for saves and polishing saving
  • Decreased membrane wobble effect for cell walls


  • Testing a new chromatic aberration effect
  • Concept for the processes menu
  • New ice crystals



  • UI sound effects


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial