Progress Update 6/26/2021

We hope you had fun with 0.5.4, many players have shown us their new cell colonies and the biggest one that we know of has 33 members. Can you beat that?
Currently we are discussing what We’ll work on for the next release, starting with a patch that will hopefully fix some crashes related to binding agents. For now it looks like we’ll focus on fixing several bugs and issues for the next version but we also want to work on an organelle upgrade system or a cell abilities hot bar.

Some work has been done on concepts and assets as well, we have a new radioactive rock model, some concept art for 3D cell walls or a new sound effect for cell movement among other things.


  • Thread for discussing colonies node design
  • If binding mode is active while unbinding from other cells, the player cell will reset back to normal state
  • Fixed a crash related to moving and deleting the nucleus and other organelles


  • Working on a new radioactive rock model
  • Working on a Radiation effect
  • Concept art for 3D cell walls


  • Concept for scaling benefits for cell colonies


  • New sound for cell movement


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


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