Progress Update 7/02/2022

This week we have focused most of our efforts into wrapping up the big features of 0.5.9, which we hope to have done before the feature freeze likely coming next week. All that remains is the engulfment rework and the procedural patchmap, which are very close to completion.

Should we not be able to get the procedural patch-map done in time for release, we might have to delay the release by one more week or two in order to finish it. Else, we would have to break save compatibility in the next release as well, which we would like to avoid.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • If you run out of population in one patch, you are now kicked out and need to continue playing in another patch where you still have population
    • Dead microbes now can’t spawn more chunks with an organelle type than what they had. No more cells dropping multiple nuclei
    • Save cleanup now deletes save upgrader created backup files
    • Fixed entities being able to spawn too close to the player after waiting in the spawn queue
    • Fixed glucose factor in new game screen not working correctly
    • Fixed regression in auto-evo mutation finding which was incorrectly using migration configuration variable
    • Made sure audio gallery cards can’t be made into a slideshow
    • Tweaked multicellular editor control placement to be aligned
    • Updated translations
  • Discussion and work has begun on an autoevo exploring tool, which should provide a clear window into the workings of autoevo.


  • WIP toxin vacuole by Roseae. The plan is to replace the existing toxin vacuole model with this one, while reusing the current model for something else we have planned…


  • Discussion and implementation of Thermoplasts have been revived.


  • Oliver Lugg has composed a jazz cover of the main theme of Thrive.


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Thim made a new experimental fork.

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