Progress Update 7/09/2022

This week we focused almost all efforts on finishing up the remainder of in-progress features for the release 0.5.9. Can’t wait for our release next week? Excellent! We are proud to announce our release candidate for community members to download, test, and find any final bugs. We’ve added a lot of big new features in release, and we would appreciate any many people as we can hunting for anything we might have missed.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Reworked the engulfment mechanics. Now you carry around the things you engulf while they slowly dissolve
    • The patch map is now procedurally generated
    • Added a simple implementation of the thermoplast
    • All cells in a colony can now fire toxins – Added the next part of the prototypes that starts adding the late multicellular stage (macroscopic). It’s much rougher than the earlier prototype
    • Fixed compound cloud brightness adjustment having stopped working at some point
    • Added more art to the art gallery and added the finished gallery music track
    • Made colour change an action, it now works better in multicellular
    • Added a cell stage Easter egg
    • Updated our style-guide and added automatic check for float format
    • Updated translations


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Discussion of future gameplay changes as a result of new engulfment mechanics.


  • Nothing Substantial


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