Progress Update 7/10/2021

New feature on the horizon, we are working on an abilities hotbar that will show which abilities the player has and to which keys the are bound. This will help new players know which keys to push when they evolve new abilities. As we add new organelles and features to the game, this hotbar will show new icons.

There is a new devbuild for our patrons fixing an AI bug and some translation issues. We are also working on a radiation sound effect and posted new adds promoting Thrive on reddit.


  • New devbuild for patrons:
    • AI cells should no longer spin around while trying to absorb chunks
    • Translations can now override the name of a compound for languages that need special word forms in some contexts
    • Updated translations
  • Working on a new Abilities hotbar


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Working on a Radiation Sound effect


  • Nothing Substantial



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