Progress Update 7/11/2020

This week we discussed about gameplay, we wanted to figure out how Thrive should feel, and that encompasses many issues and areas of the game. From difficulty to cell speed and resource absorption, making all these factors feel right is not easy, so our Game Designer tried to figure these out and discuss about it with the team.
Answering these questions is only one half of the issue, the other half consists on tweaking these features until they work and feel as intended and that’s a lot of trial and error.

There was more work on the devcenter this week, there’s a new script for uploading builds to it and also more progress on linking it to the launcher, so patrons and developers can download devbuilds from there. Also there was some work on the launcher to make it update automatically and also improvements on its news feed so the load on our servers is reduced.
We remind you that you can join our patreon to play the newest devbuilds.

If you read last week’s update, you saw a new planet generator prototype. Well, now you can download it from the forums and play around with it! And finally, we have a new member, maha, who joined the programming team.