Progress Update 7/18/2020

There was more work on the automated devbuild system. Now that the launcher is linked with the devcenter devbuilds will be available for download through the launcher for both patreons and developers.

We are getting closer to a new release too, and if everything goes as planned, it should happen next week! As you saw, development has been losing momentum so even if we didn’t add all the features we wanted for this release, we’d rather release now than wait any longer since these last weeks have been slow. We will also release a new launcher version that includes the features we mentioned earlier.

There was more work on balancing too, we continued the discussion we had last week and made a draft for balancing cell membranes, prokaryote and eukaryote organelles and compounds. We also tested an auto-evo prototype Tjwhale made a while back. For now it only takes into account the amounts of hydrogen sulfide and sunlight in a patch to calculate population growth, but it’s a good start.