Progress Update 7/24/2021

Another devbuild for our patrons was released this week. In it there are fixes for some crashes, improvements like making npc cells move right after spawning and making the ambience tracks replay instead of only alternating between them. The new radiation sound effect is being worked on, it will increase intensity and change as the player gets near radioactive objects.


  • New devbuild for Patrons:
    • ESC can no longer be unbound as getting it back in a keybinding is not possible
    • Fixed saving and loading being able to start at the same time causing the game to crash
    • Made AI to immediately start moving when spawning
    • Locale info is printed to logs on startup now
    • Changed data load order to get important information printed to logs earlier
    • Dragging and dropping a save onto the game window now loads it
    • Fixed errors in process panel with all processes. Affects how running processes works, until a follow up process change is done
    • Made percentage values translatable
    • Changed to a different bbcode implementation regarding translations overriding compound names in a sentence
    • Updated translations
    • Added a basic cleanup script for developers to use
    • Added link to the donations page to the main repo
    • Microbe ambience tracks can play the same one again, before the random picking could only alternate between two tracks
    • Added a script to locally make list of changes like in CI this may be useful to some developers


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Improving the new radiation sound effect


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial