Progress Update 7/31/2021

As usual there’s a new devbuild this week fixing some issues with the help menu and the UI, introducing new light values for biomes and fixing some crashes among other things. This week we also discussed about improving the evolution system and how oxygen would affect cells.


  • New devbuild for patrons
    • Fixed the uneven text amounts in the help menu columns
    • Changed help menu over to using the new bbcode syntax so now it shows active keybindings and compound icons
    • Fixed options menu tooltips not working in the pause menu
    • Biomes now have different light values but they don’t work yet
    • Tweaked input system passed parameters
    • Pause menu help submenu now checks if it is active before moving to it again causing hints to randomize
    • Fixed crash when exiting the load menu and going back and pressing load
    • Added .old files to gitignore
    • Updated translations


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial



  • New gameplay video from Lavathor


  • Nothing Substantial