Progress Update 8/06/2022

This week we’ve been focused on discussing the future of the microbe stage going forward, what changes need to be made to finish it up, and how to resolve some of the gaping holes in our designs for later stages. That’s not to say we haven’t gotten any tangible work done of course!

The autoevo exploration tool is now implemented in our latest devbuild for use and perusal. This revolutionary tool will allow you to put the magnifying glass up to autoevo and see exactly what it’s been up to, and why it makes the choices it does.

Finally, we are still keeping tabs on the demand for official mac support. We want to know how much interest there is in a mac release, so please contact us and let us know!


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Switched reproduction to be more time based, cells now generate free compounds towards reproduction, and have a maximum use rate for growth compounds
    • Tweaked procedural patch map connection logic
    • Added auto-evo exploring tool which allows running auto-evo and inspecting the results
    • Wait for the loading screen to fade in before starting save load
    • Reduced the processing time used by axis type inputs
    • Added GPU, current renderer and used GPU memory display to the options menu
    • Fixed a regression in previous build with external effects on an extinct species
    • Auto-evo now doesn’t start while the stage is still fading out to prevent the game locking up for a while if only one background thread is used and auto-evo was set to not run during gameplay
    • Fixed the code for cell visual hashes using one field twice
    • auto-evo run is now canceled if the game is exited to not leave multiple runs in the background if saves are loaded in quick succession
    • New language added: Vietnamese
    • Updated translations


  • Progress on designing the look of microscopic critters.



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Please welcome our newest developer, IvyGM!

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