Progress Update 8/13/2022

The development team has gone through some organization efforts this week, with the goal of creating a more comprehensive experience for new and old volunteers alike. We will now be holding monthly team meetings to catch up and communicate with the team and their projects, as well as updating documentation and guidelines on the development process. These efforts will streamline the developer experience with Thrive, and make for a more coordinated team.

Of course, these changes are not limited to just developers! We are excited to announce our new dedicated suggestions page where anyone is free to share their ideas, and vote on others that they agree with.

All you have to do is log in with your choice of account, and vote on what matters to you! We simply ask that you check on the declined suggestions category before making your own. We will be using this page to measure player interest in various features so we can better decide on which to focus.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Fixed a major bug in the spawn system which caused a lot of outdated species spawners to exist. This should stop extinct species spawning and the player’s old species spawning when moving to multicellular.
    • Added a welcome tutorial for early multicellular
    • Added a tutorial about exiting a colony to continue growing in microbe stage
    • Fixed some situations where the dynamic MP calculation ended up at the wrong resulting MP, please let us know if you still see incorrect MP calculations
    • Updated to Godot 3.5
    • Updated our setup instructions to recommend dotnet 6 SDK
    • Report tab now again reacts to selecting a different patch on the patch map tab. Also improved performance when selecting patches.
    • Entering a game from the auto-evo exploring tool now remembers the auto-evo parameters
    • Fixed lag when opening the art gallery by starting on a resource loading manager that can load resources over time
    • Added a few new cheats
    • Updated translations


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  • Please welcome our newest developer, Gyzoto!

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