Progress Update 8/15/2020

One of the main issues that came after the godot port was resource spawning, often leaving the player in barren environments. Obviously that needs to be fixed, and that’s what we’ve worked on this week.

If you are a patron, you can test these new changes by downloading the latest devbuild. We also worked on improving cell physics so collisions between them match their shape. Progress on marching squares continues, it’s now implemented in Godot so membranes should be using this new method soon. We also made the MP bar more interactive, it now shows how much MP you’ll have left after adding a new organelle. And finally, after a long time, Oliveriver made a new Thrive theme! You can listen to it down below.


  • A handful of new devbuilds are available for patrons
  • Patches have different depths now
  • The rigidity slider can now be moved as far as possible
  • Improved cell physics so their hitboxes match their size
  • Progress on balancing the spawn system
  • Progress on implementing marching squares for cell membranes


  • The MP bar now shows how many MPs are spent with each organelle


  • Nothing Substantial


  • New theme: Ice Ocean


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • New Programmer, welcome to the team Johnk!

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