Progress Update 9/11/2021

With school starting this month, development of Thrive has seen a bit of slow down this week as many of our developers now find themselves busy with the resulting schoolwork. Rest assured, development shall continue as always.

Our donation campaign has now ended. We are thankful for those of you who have donated, and intend to give back by developing Thrive to be the best it can be.

Those who have donated sufficient amounts will have their provided aliases listed in Thrive’s credits alongside our developers and patrons as promised.


  • New Devbuilds for our patrons:
    • Microbe patch name is now shown with a large text that pops up when changing patches
    • Added hotkeys for moving and deleting organelles in the editor
    • Doubled the cheat cloud spawn density
    • Added a warning popup shown when trying to open the screenshots or saves folder before they have been created
    • The formatting changes check should now work better on Windows for programmers who use that
    • Updated translations


  • Nothing Substantial




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  • Nothing Substantial

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