Progress Update 9/12/2020

There have been many new Pull requests lately, we also released two new devbuilds during this week, one featuring the new Resource gathering tutorial and another with the new microbe editor UI. Both available for our patrons as usual.

There were more new devs on the team too, and we kept discussing about the new features proposed a few weeks ago.


  • Rewriting the options menu
  • Made auto saves happen after transitions
  • Fixed a bug related to loading saves while in the editor
  • Added warning popup on the options menu for when players don’t save changes
  • Fixed a bug on the chromatic aberration checkbox
  • Added more sound options
  • Fixed a bug where an extra daughter cell spawned
  • Updated the styleguide
  • Updated setup instructions
  • More work on the tutorial
  • Progress on the Editor UI
The searchbar will be added once there are enough organelles for it to be useful


  • Nothing Substantial




  • Nothing Substantial



  • Added images on the Linking the launcher page on the wiki
  • New sound artists, Psychochef, Bucadyz and johngreska. Plus a new programmer, Satharis. Welcome all to the team!