Progress Update 9/19/2020

We’ve talked about changing the microbe stage soundtrack for a while now. Most of these songs are years old and some members of the community think that they need a rework or that we need new tracks. We are still discussing about this so no decisions so far are final, but you can expect to see more discussion about this in the coming weeks.

There’s more progress on the tutorial. You can download and try the new editor tutorial at our patreon, as always.


  • Finished the editor tutorial
  • Working on fixing the colorblind filters
  • Improving the Mutations class code
  • Made the player damage sound and other sound effects actually audible
  • Added numbers to the ATP balance bars
  • Working on translation support
  • Options now can be changed in game


  • 3D Editor concept
Bigger version here



  • Experimenting with new music tracks


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • New sound artists: Ampersand Soundworks, Bosch and mybandequalsme. Welcome to the team!