Progress Update 9/19/2021

This past week we have continued our ceaseless efforts to hunt down every living bug hiding in Thrive, as well as contemplating methods for improving the present gameplay experience. Many of our developers are currently tied up in school and such however, so progress is still noticeably slower.


  • New Devbuilds for our patrons:
    • Added credits to the game
    • Auto-evo can no longer add a second nucleus to a species
    • Auto-evo now takes floating chunks as a food source into account
    • Updated translations


  • Created icons for a new randomized name feature



  • New methods of organization and storage for Thrive’s soundtracks to allow us to easily transfer the .ogg files without storing them within our github.
    Doing so would go over the download filesize limit and therefore prevent people from downloading Thrive without needing to build it themselves.



  • Nothing Substantial


  • We have been researching options for making and providing Thrive-themed merchandise.

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