Progress Update 9/21/19

This week has seen a lot of progress from the programing team. Patches are now implemented, there’s a new more efficient auto evo framework (though it’s not perfect but it causes less lag than before) and there has been progress towards creating a procedural patch map generator.

There have been graphics improvements too: the environment is less bright now and organelles rotation in the editor has improved as well as the models’ scale. As you can see we’ve had more progress in just one week than during the last couple of months, and this is because hhyyrylainen has been working on Thrive non-stop (though other members have helped a lot too!). This rate of progress could be the same every week if our programmers could work on Thrive full time, we hope this becomes true one day.


  • BSF lightning properties can now be tweaked
  • New loading screen for the editor
  • Fixing organelle rotation in the editor
  • New reproduction progress bar
  • Patch report implemented
  • New auto-evo framework
  • Procedural patch map generator progress
  • Patch map GUI progress
  • Freebuild editor finally implemented
  • Patches are now implemented
  • Glucose amounts now drop after every generation
  • Improvements on the reproduction system
  • Rebalancing compound absorption rate


  • Aware stage concept
  • Fixing organelle scaling


  • Nothing Substantial



  • Nothing Substantial


  • We discovered how the Disturbance eats and sees and it’s not pretty.


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