Progress Update 9/5/2020

We are starting to work on a tutorial. Just like in older versions, once again there will be a tutorial for those new to the game. If you are a patron, you can already test it for yourself. Also a lot of new developers joined us this week, mainly composers and programmers.

Last week’s discussions continued, we’ve refined the concepts we had while taking into account the feedback the community gave us in our latest survey. You can read these discussions in the links down below. And lastly we started working on the Microbe Editor UI so it matches our current aesthetic.


  • Working on upgrading the Editor UI


  • Concept for relations between proteins when unlocking them





  • Posted new ads on reddit and discord servers.


  • New programmers, Zahir, Nicolas, jsm209 and SomeoneThatExists
  • New music composers and sound designers, Justmixit, theStyg, LukeH, arandomproducer and khachuchrian. Welcome to the team!