Devblog #28: Colonizing the pond

Today is the day we take our first steps towards the Multicellular stage, binding agents are finally implemented! Now you can join other cells and start the first colonies. While in this mode, you’ll share resources with your partners, though you will have to leave the colony to reproduce.
This release features some graphics improvements too, now your cell membrane and color can be previsualized in the Membrane tab of the editor, lighting has been improved in the editor and toxin particles fade instead of just disappearing. We also changed to Godot 3.3.2 fixing some issues, added balance changes to organelles, made Glucose actually decrease over time, improved the Microbe AI and much more!

You can download the launcher below to get the newest version, and read on for more information.

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Devblog #27: Multilingual cells

New year, new release. Here’s Thrive 0.5.3! For the first time ever Thrive is available in many new languages, all of this is in part thanks to our community, which has helped with several of these new translations.
This version also brings key bindings, improved tooltips, new editor features and much more!

You can download the launcher below to get the newest version, and read on for more information.

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Devblog #26: Learning the basics

We bring you a new release, Thrive 0.5.2! What’s new? Well, for the first time in years tutorials are back! At last, we have an easy way to teach new players the basics of this game. Another big feature is the new interfaces, we remade the Editor, Patch map and Report screen UIs to finally match the rest of the game.

You can download the launcher below to get the newest version, and read on for more information.

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New release, Thrive

Today we bring you a new bugfix release! It should fix most crashes and some bugs, like the rigidity slider using MP when it shouldn’t. It also brings some minor GUI and graphical improvements. You can check the patch notes here. We also updated our launcher to a new version, which, as always, you can use to download the new release.

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Devblog #25 Variety Patch

It’s been around 2 months since we first changed over to the Godot engine and as may have been noticed, the developers have begun to lose a little steam as of late. We have not made as much progress as we would have liked, but fear not! We are still around with the intent of working on Thrive, many devs have simply been caught up in other things, such is life. With that said, we have decided to go ahead and release the changes we have made so as not to keep everyone waiting!

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Devblog #24: And Godot arrived

It’s been only two months since we started the last engine change, and today we are proud to announce our newest release: Thrive 0.5.0!

Yes, it only took us two months to rewrite the whole game in Godot. So what does this new release bring and what’s so good about this new engine? Well Godot is user friendly, has a lot of documentation, an active community and no missing important features. In other words, it makes development on Thrive easier, meaning that with this (hopefully) there won’t be any more engine changes.

But what does this mean for players like you? Better performance and compatibility, with this update those with Intel HD Graphics cards will finally be able to play the game without issue. Even better, as long as we don’t need native code, this and future releases should be compatible with Mac!

And of course, this version runs much smoother and without random crashes, so stop waiting and give 0.5.0 a try!

If you use Mac, download the game directly from here, since the launcher is not Mac compatible.

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Devblog #23: Engine change part 2

Another release coming at you, here is Thrive! Wait, why isn’t it 0.4.4? Well that’s because after this release we are going to make some huge changes to the project. We are changing the engine once again, and we hope this time is for good.

While this isn’t a regular release, and certainly it isn’t the biggest one we’ve done, it brings a few new features for you to enjoy. Read on to see what’s new and what have we planned for Thrive’s future…

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Devblog #22: The Stabby Update

We’re back with another release for you, and just in time for Christmas! We present Thrive 0.4.3.

This new version includes the UI overhaul many of you have been waiting for, and a fan favourite, the pilus, letting you live out all your microbe-stabbing dreams. We’ve also improved existing features like the patch map with better patch condition displays and AI species spreading to other patches.

Download the launcher below to get the latest version, and read on for more information.

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Devblog #21: The Patch Patch

We’re back, and we come bearing a gift: Thrive 0.4.2.

As if one ecosystem full of dynamically evolving cells of all shapes and sizes wasn’t enough, it’s time to experience the might of several chained together, rife for evolutionary exploration. This release introduces the patch map, the first step towards a wider simulation.

As always, we recommend downloading via the Thrive launcher. Get the latest version here:

Read on to find out more about this latest release, along with all the general Thrive news…

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