Thrive v0.2.4 released, what next?

After an amazingly useful 2-week prerelease, version 0.2.4 has been released, and there was much rejoicing!

We’ve been calling 0.2.4 the GUI update, because that’s the most noticeable upgrade Thrive has gotten, but there is much more to this one. We have sound effects, more models, more microbes, new AI, and a lot of bugfixing, so in general, lots of polish.

Little microbes swimming in the sea

New microbes! New GUI!

But the GUI update is behind us now. What next? We’re already hard at work on 0.2.5, and we’ve got a few things that will likely already make it in:

  • Some foundational population dynamics: Auto-evo is a major part of the game, and this groundwork is one of the first pieces of that puzzle.
  • Compound clouds: programming-wise, this is likely going to see the gnarliest work. Long overdue, and easier than membranes.
  • More agents, and more fully-featured ones too, doing more than just damage.
  • Bacteria! When we replace the compound particles and emitters with clouds, we’ll need new sources for the compounds, and that’s where bacteria come in.
  • Whatever other simple gameplay improvements nad experimentation we cook up — this release will likely focus on improved game mechanics, making this game more interesting and fun to play!
  • Bugfixes and GUI tweaking, of course, to fix most of the problems our test monkeys fans find. The prerelease worked very well in that respect, getting lots of bugs caught and fixed, so our fans will be seeing use as our test monkeys again.

That’s that for this short update, and you can expect to hear more from us soon, on progress, plans, prototypes, and more!


Thrive v0.2.4 released, what next? — 13 Comments

  1. One question about the announcement. What’s with the anti-soviet propaganda? What does it have to do with the game? I’m not trying to start a political conversation. I’m asking why are you doing so.

  2. For some reason, whenever I start the game, I get a buttonless menu. Like there is the awesome music and background but no buttons. I searched for answers but I can’t seem to find any. Anyone can help? This game looks awesome but I can’t play it D:

  3. So I assume with the whole bacteria and clouds, am I right to envision the current algae(?) microbes sitting and putting out oxygen perhaps and then you go pick it up?

    • Within the downloaded folder, there should be a file called Start.bat or Run-Thrive.bat. Running that will start the game.

  4. I decided to come back to look a this after all the progress that’s been made (0.4.1 is currently out) and so much has been accomplished in this time, it shows the snowball effect Thrive is currently having, which is amazing

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