Progress Update 12/7/2019

There are some sad news this week, our lead Microbe stage designer and also Theory team lead TJWhale, has left the team. For those who didn’t know TJ made a lot of prototypes for the game, some of them have been featured in the PUs. Recently he also made the Planet and Star Generator and in general has been a huge part of Thrive while leading our team. He will be missed.

While these are bad news we have to move forward. We opened a thread for deciding who’s going to be the new Lead Designer and Theory team lead, positions that are still vacant, it’s an intimidating task after all so they might remain empty for a while. We are open to accept new team members for these possitions, if you’ve designed games in the past or have the necessary knowledge you can apply to the team here.

But don’t worry, bacause progress will keep on! And while some leave others come. This week we have a new artist on the team and you can even see his art on this post.


  • Improving the game’s video player


  • Concepts for displaying toxicity and debuffs in the UI
  • Hotkeys display concept
  • Multicelular stage concept


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Goodbye TJWhale, thanks for everything you did for Thrive.
  • Welcome to Nathan, our new artist!
  • New Outreach Team Lead, congrats DonGororo. Wait that’s me… this is akward.