Progress Update 7/17/2021

We are now accepting donations! If you want to contribute to Thrive now there’s a new option besides Patreon. We are also adding a new Contributor License Agreement, which will be necessary to publish Thrive on Steam. Now the game will continue to be free and open source but these are new options for those who want to give us monetary support.

Speaking of which, hhyyrylainen can now officially work as a part time developer for thrive thanks to your contributions to our Patreon. The abilities hot bar was implemented in a new devbuild available for patrons, this build includes several crash and bug fixes and UI improvements too.


  • New devbuild for patrons
    • Added an abilities action bar to better communicate to the player what they can do
    • Undo/redo in editor is now disabled while moving an organelle
    • Editor button is now properly disabled and enabled when entering/exiting a colony
    • Fixed crash on entering editor with a species name that has a name part that consists of a single letter
    • Fixed exploit allowing player to move organelle to the place it was at in order to then get to move it for free
    • Options menu now increases width if needed for translations and no longer do the contents spill out
    • There’s no an option to disable the GUI light on the editor button this hopefully will work for people who had parts of the GUI disappearing
    • Fixed bug with player staying in unbind mode after colony was disbanded
    • Freebuild label in MP bar now reacts to language change
    • Updated translations
    • ATP and Health bars now remember the max values on player death
    • ATP bar is now more smoothed and less likely to quickly change between being full and almost full
    • Rendering mode is now multithreaded, which may help performance or solve some bugs, but the effect seems very minor
    • JSON parser now catches an extra exception


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