As an alternative to joining the team you can support Thrive development by donating. Donations will support future Thrive development. Due to Finnish law regarding donations, we can only accept donations while we have an active donation collecting permit. See below on this page for details regarding donations.

There is currently an ongoing donation campaign until 11.9.2021 (or until 10000€ is collected). All donations (after subtracting costs for collecting the donations) will be used for the primary purpose of paying for server fees of the forums, collaboration tools, and other services of Revolutionary Games Studio. Additionally the donations will also be used to pay salaries for employees that work on Thrive that give ownership of their work to the association, which will redistribute this code under an open source license or an equivalent license (except for parts where this can’t be done due to the distribution channel of the game). Secondary backup purpose that the donations will be used for, if they can’t be used for the primary purpose, is using a service like Bountrysource to further the development of Thrive. The entity collecting donations is Revolutionary Games Studio ry, PL 8, 90571 OULU, Finland. Pienkeräysnumero (collecting permit number): RA/2021/877

To donate you can send a bank transfer to FI18 5744 5020 0569 24 (BIC: OKOYFIHH).

Or alternatively you can donate through Paypal:

In order to be listed on our list of donators (which will be included in the game credits once credits are added to the game) please make a donation of at least about 20€ (it’s enough if it is close enough as currency conversions etc. might slightly alter the amount). And include the following text credit as: Your Name as a message. You will then, once your donation is noticed, be added to the list of donators with your preferred name. Your donation amount will not appear in the list of donators.