Progress Update 8/16/2021

A bit delayed progress update this week, well for last week at this point. Our usual progress update person is taking another break and the person who stepped up to make this progress update was busy, so now a third person is doing this progress update (Hi, it’s me, hhyyrylainen).

We are closing in on 0.5.5 release, as we want to get that release out, while our donation campaign is still ongoing. As such we released a release candidate last Saturday. You can find that here. Note that we still are hoping to get two binding related bug fixes in this release, but if they don’t make it, we can always put out a patch ( in a few weeks.


  • New Devbuilds for our patrons:
    • Added a save upgrade system that if kept up to date will allow saves to stay compatible with future updates
    • Renamed internally calcium_carbonate to calciumCarbonate to fix some naming things. This uses the new save upgrader to allow old saves to still work
    • Added some more automated checks
    • Population graphs now differentiate between extinct and no population in current patch
    • Added a new run and tumble algorithm tweaks to the AI to make it smarter about collecting resources
    • Changed the spawn system to use a bag approach to guarantee more uniform spawns of thigs
    • Added food source (niche) specialization to auto-evo simulation should improve the species made by auto-evo
    • Aligned y-axis values in graphs better
    • Updated our code style guide regarding ternaries and abbreviations, as well as internal names of registry items, and using nameof
    • Internal refactoring of the tooltip system
    • Fixed loaded objects from save not being freed if the save load ultimately failed
    • Fixed a condition being the wrong way around with player extinction in species remove from list of species
    • Added a new code check to use inline variables in out declarations
    • Updated translations + a big sorry to translations done today in the past few hours, due to some code merge complications I accidentally lost some translations. I’ll work to be more careful to not cause translators needing to re-apply their translations.
  • RC1 is now out for 0.5.5:


  • New membrane shader is being worked on:
  • New iron material is being worked on:
  • Work is happening on a patch intro title feature



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Our CLA is now live. We ask that all past contributors will sign it as well so that we can bring Thrive to new platforms where the current license is unusable.
  • Welcome to the team Sir Danforth, our new tester!

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