Progress Update 8/28/2021

We hope that everyone has been enjoying the latest release of Thrive so far! With 0.5.5 now let loose, we are pleased to find that binding agents are indeed much more stable and enjoyable, save for a couple of reported bugs that we hope to have fixed by the next update.

Speaking of which, 0.5.6 is currently looking to be another large bugfix release as we continue to chisel away at our extensive backlog of bugs and other issues. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t find some way to stuff a new feature in there somewhere!

We would also like to remind everyone that we are currently hosting a donation campaign, where donators who contribute at least 20€ (23.60$) will have their name included in our game credits in the future, if they so wish.
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  • New Devbuilds for our patrons:
    • Added a tutorial prompt telling the player to press the editor button if it has been available for 20 seconds
    • Floating chunks now check for failing to get microbe that hit into them, should fix one crash in the 0.5.5 release
    • AI microbes that have a cell wall are now properly prevented from engulfing anything
    • Fixed rigidity slider not becoming usable again after undoing and getting some MP back
    • Made personality mutation in auto-evo larger
    • Tweaked balance regarding storage
    • Fixed some organelle tooltips missing info
    • Updated our JSON and zip libraries (and setup dependabot)
    • Added a documentation page about learning Godot
    • Added some newer developers to the name generator as easter eggs
    • Slight code improvement in the InputManager
    • Updated translationsMessage #dev-builds


  • Nothing Substantial




  • Nothing Substantial


  • Dongororo, our usual update manager is currently on break, so you might notice a subtle difference in schedule and writing style in our recent updates as different people are writing them. Can you figure out who is writing this post?


  • We have a new member, Jonathon594. Welcome them to the team!

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