Our Team

Revolutionary Games is an open-source development team, which means anyone can join and contribute as much as they wish. Below are personal introductions from our core developers and a list of all others who’ve made a significant contribution. The dates below developer roles show the year that member joined the project.

See the full list of current and past team members on our wiki: https://wiki.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/wiki/Team_Members


Programming Team Lead

Finland | 2015

I joined Thrive back in 2015, but I didn’t start out being very involved in the project. Over time as older members became inactive, I become the de facto programming team lead about two years later, as the only active programmer. Since then I have done a lot of programming work on Thrive, and a couple of engine changes. I’ve also tried to help new programmers get started and also to stick around.


Sound Team Lead

UK | 2013 | Q&A

Hi, I’m Oliver, lead composer and sound designer for RG. I tend to dabble in outreach, graphics and game design far more than I probably should (I’ve written most of our Devblogs, for instance). So far I’ve created music for the game through my YouTube channel and supervised other musicians in their composing efforts. Thrive is a slight obsession for me, but it also presents a chance to gain experience and learn new things about biology and team organisation.

Away from Thrive, I’m still in education, and though I’m mostly known around here for music, my other big passions and career hopes are writing and mathematics. Mostly pure maths, which is why I’m useless in all these biostatistical discussions with people far more intelligent than me. I like olives (no surprise there), music from almost all genres, and Formula 1. I’m not actually Beethoven.

Other Developers

Our full list of credits (which are also included in the game) can be found here.

As an open-source team, it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s contributions across time and decide whether they’re large enough to be considered for the credits. Let us know if you’ve helped out in the past and would like your name included.