Our Team

Revolutionary Games is an open-source development team, which means anyone can join and contribute as much as they wish. Below are personal introductions from our core developers and a list of all others who’ve made a significant contribution. The dates below developer roles show the year that member joined the project.

Note: this page is majorly out of date. See the up to date member list on our wiki: https://wiki.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/wiki/Team_Members


Overall Team Co-Lead

Canada | 2012 | Q&A

I’m NickTheNick, the Overall Team Co-Lead (don’t forget the co-). I provide help on the biology side of things, but am much better qualified for when we start working on the civilization stages (I used to be Strategy Team Lead). Besides theory, I do what I can to help organize the project, keeping tabs on people coming in and out of the project, trying to organize the plethora of concepts that have been planned out, and doing outreach to get more developers involved. I originally joined Thrive in hopes of getting a spiritual successor to Spore, but now see it as a spiritual successor to so many more games as well, including Civilization, Populous, SimLife, and more. I really enjoy working on the game, despite the slow pace of development, and plan on sticking around for a while longer.

Outside of Thrive, I’m a university student studying biology, and I also like to watch movies and play video games in my spare time.


Programming Team Co-Lead

Canada | 2013 | Q&A



Programming Team Co-Lead

Denmark | 2013

I’m a programmer that joined Thrive back in 2013 and took over from Nimbal, taking the engine and turning it into a playable game. I fairly recently graduated Computer Science from Aalborg University, Denmark and am now working for Mjølner Informatics. My hobbies outside of Thrive are competitive video games, studying Japanese and investing.


Sound Team Lead

UK | 2013 | Q&A

Hi, I’m Oliver, lead composer and sound designer for RG. I tend to dabble in outreach, graphics and game design far more than I probably should (I’ve written most of our Devblogs, for instance). So far I’ve created music for the game through my YouTube channel and supervised other musicians in their composing efforts. Thrive is a slight obsession for me, but it also presents a chance to gain experience and learn new things about biology and team organisation.

Away from Thrive, I’m still in education, and though I’m mostly known around here for music, my other big passions and career hopes are writing and mathematics. Mostly pure maths, which is why I’m useless in all these biostatistical discussions with people far more intelligent than me. I like olives (no surprise there), music from almost all genres, and Formula 1. I’m not actually Beethoven.


Graphics Team Lead

USA | 2015 | Q&A

I’m TheCreator (not to be confused with Hirnsausen, the creator of Thrive). I joined a while back because I was annoyed by the current state of events—I decided that if I wanted to see something in the game, I needed to do it myself. Nowadays, I do a lot of the graphics-related task. My main achievements to date are creating the cell membrane and adding in compound clouds. In the future, I most look forward to implementing the organism editor and the planet.


Theory Team Co-Lead

UK | 2014

I’m tjwhale, I’m one of the leaders of the theory team. The main roles of the theory team are algorithm design and programmer support. We’re here to do the heavy lifting in mathematics and science so the programmers are empowered to build the cool features they really want to build. There is a lot of work to do as we are building a world generator which has models for the climate, plate tectonics, population dynamics, carbon cycle and evolution, to name a few. So yeah Thrive is going to be pretty amazing.

In real life I just finished my PhD. I like music and walking. I also like Wes Cecil, he’s my favourite lecturer. I like working on this project because it lets me run around and work on all kinds of interesting little things up to a prototype and then drop them. That’s exactly how I like to work.


Theory Team Co-Lead

UK | 2011


StealthStyle L

Outreach Team Lead

UK | 2014

Hi there. Some say I’m the Outreach Team Lead (if you didn’t know, don’t worry, neither did I). I’ve been in and around Thrive since the end of 2014 but I’ve only recently started to get involved. I do things like respond and post to our Facebook page, write the occasional Devblog and moderate the community forum. I also used to work on the developers’ wiki. Thrive appeared to me in a dream about a week before I discovered it in a YouTube comment section and I’ve been hooked ever since.

In my personal life, I’m currently in Sixth Form and I plan to study English at university. My hobbies are football (or soccer, as some call it), reading, and watching sitcoms. You’ve probably realised that I also enjoy video games.

Finally, if you ever feel like a chat about Thrive, I’m virtually always on the community forum.

Other Developers

Our full list of credits (which will eventually be added to the game) can for the moment be found here.

As an open-source team, it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s contributions across time and decide whether they’re large enough to be considered for the credits. Let us know if you’ve helped out in the past and would like your name included.