Revolutionary Games Studio Association

Revolutionary Games Studio ry is an association founded in Finland to advance the development of Thrive (working on open source together and gaming together). Anyone who supports the (ideological) purpose behind the association can join. Please read about that in section 2 of the association rules (official rules are only available in Finnish due to legal reasons, the translation linked before is provided for convenience, but if it has a mistake in translation the Finnish rules apply). For Thrive development team members (see Application) it is enough to state that you are a developer and your username on the development forums. For everyone else you need to include a brief self introduction / explanation paragraph on why you want to join. If you are under 15 you must state so in your application, as people under 15 are not allowed to vote in the association, but can be accepted otherwise as a member as long as they are at least 13 years old. This means that you must be at least 13 years old to send an application to join the association. Besides those aforementioned restrictions there is no limit on who can join. Note that only an individual can join the association, legal entities cannot.

You can find some additional info about the association on our forums.

You can apply by sending an email to with the title “Application to join the association” and include the following information in your message:

  • Your first name(s) (please include your middle names as well if you have any) and last name. Please separate these clearly, for example “first names: Matthew Jonathan, last name: Smith” because different countries have different conventions so it is hard for us to tell which way around your name is written, so make it clear.
  • Your email that you want to be contacted through (unless you have a good reason this should be the same as what you use as a Thrive developer or community forums member)
  • Your current city and country of residence (if USA, please include the state)
  • Your username if you are a Thrive developer along with a mention that you are a Thrive developer
  • Or as an alternative to the previous point, a paragraph detailing why you want to join (see above on this page about supporting the association’s purpose). If you are planning on joining as a developer or you have an account on our community forums you can optionally include the username you use there in your application.
  • If you are under 15, include your age, and probably also please provide us with your date of birth so that we can notice when you are allowed to vote in the association

The following information that you don’t provide will be added to the membership registry when you join:

  • The date when you joined (your application was accepted)
  • Have you been a member of the board
  • Are you a Thrive developer
  • Database fields for when the record was created and when it was updated
  • User ID of a related ThriveDevCenter account if you have one

Once you have applied to join, your application will be handled in the next board meeting or by a separate vote by the board. There is no set schedule for the board meetings, but we’ll try to not make you wait too long. If it’s been more than 10 days since your email and you haven’t heard from us, please feel free to contact us again (and perhaps also through a different channel than the board email in case your emails there are not getting through).

Information about the registry

It is by law required for an association to keep a registry and handle personal data of its members. The information is processed for the purpose of operating the association. Including at least the following: keeping track of association members (versus only Thrive development team members), sending information regarding general assemblies of the association, granting access to special systems, and fulfilling the legal requirements of an association to know its members. Information from the registry won’t be shared with third parties, unless Revolutionary Games Studio ry uses services from third parties that require disclosure of some information (in this case the third party will be required to not disclose the information further unless required for processing). Information can also be handed over to authorities if required by law.

The registry is held in Europe. The registry maintainers will make sure to use applicable technical means to keep the information in the registry from leaking or becoming corrupt.

The registry is operated by Revolutionary Games Studio ry, Y-tunnus (identifier) is 3175457-7. Henri Hyyryläinen is currently the person responsible for the registry. If you have any requests / concerns regarding the registry, please email the address above given for sending the joining applications.