Progress Update 06/22/2024

It’s been a quiet week after the release of 0.6.7. We’ve been listening out for feedback, and managed to get out a quick hotfix to correct two major issues that had been plaguing us for some time even before this latest update. Other than that, things have actually been going well. Our lead programmer is now on break for the next few weeks, so expect development to slow down a bit for the interim.

We are still on the lookout for player feedback, so if you have thoughts on the current state of the game, please give us a shout over at the community feedback thread!


  • Devbuilds will unfortunately be paused during the break period of our programming team leader.


  • Progress is being made on game-start cutscenes for the alternative warm pond and panspermia beginnings.
  • We are also experimenting with some new chunk designs to add more flavor to the world.


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