Progress Update: 07/20/19

A lot has happened this week, most of which has come down with the improvements from the new graphics engine progress (BSF Progress). Many thanks to hhyyrylaninen for the many days of continual work on that. Its a little sad that I can only give him one bullet point for all the work he has done.

We also have to thank the continual support from our community and all those that keep thrive thriving, we couldn’t do this without you! We strive towards the next update and all that it holds for us.

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Progress Update: 07/13/19

It seems there has been many people busy behind the scenes. Our small team has been actively working forward with many changes and updates, because of this, we have decided to continue on with a weekly progress update instead of a bi-monthly one.

However, there are going to be times where little or no progress is made in a week. Birthdays, lives, and other commitments take priority. However we will still post a progress update so that the community knows we are here and are still working forward.

In addition, there has been an influx of people doing different efforts on programming as well as getting a dev build of thrive going. These people are listed down below.

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Progress Update: 07/06/19

There is a lot of work and development that goes unseen by most, until it gets added in an update. This causes thrive to seem dead at times as progress moves forward behind the scenes.

We have decided to do a simple progress update to let you know what is being worked on recently.

These updates will come out at the end of each week (or every other week, we haven’t decided yet). They will be brief summaries, and if you have questions or comments join in on one of our social media channels.

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