Progress Update 11/2/2019

This week’s spotlight is TJwhale’s progress on the planet generator. In the current revision, you can choose different features for your system, such as planetary size, distance to the star, or different gas concentrations. Of course, if you’re a fan of the one you’re on, Earth-like values are already loaded into the system. We even have a concept for the accompanying UI.

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Progress Update 10/26/2019

This week we’ve discussed about a new feature, ATP usage bars. They are supposed to show how much ATP your cell will use and consume and also divide it for organelles and processes. With this we plan to make cell creation a more thoughtful process where the player can create the optimal cell for their environment… or just make a toxing shooting monstruosity that can be viable, whatever you please.

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Devblog #21: The Patch Patch

We’re back, and we come bearing a gift: Thrive 0.4.2.

As if one ecosystem full of dynamically evolving cells of all shapes and sizes wasn’t enough, it’s time to experience the might of several chained together, rife for evolutionary exploration. This release introduces the patch map, the first step towards a wider simulation.

As always, we recommend downloading via the Thrive launcher. Get the latest version here:

Read on to find out more about this latest release, along with all the general Thrive news…

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Devblog #20: Let’s Try to Solve Evolution

EDITOR’S NOTE: Before we begin, we’re happy to announce that the release candidate for Thrive 0.4.2 is now available. Download and post your bugs/thoughts here, and while you’re at it, scream wildly into the void as your hype for the upcoming release consumes you here Now, back to regularly scheduled programming.

Hey guys, Nick here, and today we’ve got an update for you on one of the essential components of Thrive, evolution.

The oldest unanswered question of Thrive’s game design is: How will we create an evolution simulation that is both realistic and fun? It was one of the ideas that originally inspired the game, and it is one of the fundamental selling points of the first half of Thrive. Yet, it’s still a looming obstacle that we have just never been able to overcome.

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