Progress Update 05/18/2024

This week, development of 0.6.7 has begun in earnest, and we’ve already seen quite a few promising features come to light! Our lead programmer has implemented a lite version of the endosymbiosis feature, which allows players to evolve eukaryotic organelles by engulfing bacterial prey that fit the criteria. Some work has also begun on the implementation of a eukaryotic variant for the rustycyanin. These haven’t been found to exist in real life, but it might just go the way of the chemoplast.

We’ve also been discovering a great deal of bugs that are in the process of being squashed, so expect a more stable experience too.


  • The long-awaited symbiosis feature has arrived, albeit in a rather raw form.
  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Implemented endosymbiosis. It is now possible to engulf other species to turn them into free organelles and also to unlock those organelles in an alternative way compared to the normal unlock conditions.
    • Fixed fluid currents system force not applying, this bug was likely present ever since the ECS refactor
    • Fixed iron chunk collision model scaling and fixed their rotation differences compared to the visual models
    • There’s a, hopefully very temporary, bug with marine snow now flying all over the place due to them not getting the fixed scaling yet
    • Removed unused thermoplast mesh file
    • Improved organelle model data handling to keep model path variables and scenes in a single data container to avoid future mistakes with mixing up data for different scenes
    • Updated YamlDotNet from 15.1.2 to 15.1.4
    • Updated translations


  • Model for a WIP eukaryotic variant of the rustycyanin

Model for the injectisome upgrade for pili.


  • Keep an eye on the agents discussion for responses from our game designers on the topic.


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