Devblog #38: To the future and back

Glimpse the future of your species in the latest release of Thrive! Now including prototype versions of all planned stages going all the way to the very end of the game. For the first time ever, your species can now experience the entire journey from single cell to galactic empire, and at the very end, return once again to where it all began. All this and more, in the release of Thrive 0.6.3.

As always, to get the newest version, either download the free launcher below, or purchase Thrive on Steam or to support the game’s development.

Thrive 0.6.3

Our developers have worked hard to bring you an expanded Thrive experience. We’ve outlined the major changes in this devblog, but you can see the patch notes for a full list of features and bug fixes.

A glimpse of the future

With the release of all prototypes, the player can now reach the very end of the game, so long as they don’t mind a bare-bones experience of course! These skeletal stages serve as a pale representation of the future to come, allowing players to familiarize themselves with what is in store.

Upon reaching the macroscopic stage, you will be greeted with a world of rocks and trees. Here you may familiarize yourself with interacting with a simulacrum of what could someday be a real living environment, destroying trees and wielding tools to eventually build yourself a center of society.

With the advent of society, for now the only society to ever come about in this land beyond time, you will acquaint yourself with the march of progress through technological advancement. The available technology largely consists of no more than the means of producing rockets to push ever forward in this future.

With rockets at your disposal, the final frontier can now be grasped. A single world, your own, and the sun it orbits is all you can currently reach.

At this point, you are sure to quickly master the available technology and build incredible structures, but none so important as the ascension gate. A point of egress from the space stage, bringing you to ascension.

Entering the gate grants you god-like powers that allow you to bend all of reality to your will. From this point on the universe has been conquered, and now exists for you to do with as you please. This is the end of the line, and the final stage of the game. But perhaps you want to try again?

Should you tire of this potential future, you can choose to return to the very beginning with a small gift in tow!

A stable cellular Experience

A revision of our compression library to a previous version should result in significantly less save errors in the microbe stage, ensuring that your files are safer than before. And in the event you still encounter any save errors,you will now be prompted with how to provide us with the errorlog, to make it easier to report such issues. In addition, Fossilization will now tell you if there was an error saving a species so you know to try again.

Other Notable Changes

  • Added a new toxin damage sound (instead of reusing the emit sound)
  • Improved the placeholder tree and rocket graphics for the prototypes
  • Added a system for window panels to reorder this makes draggable windows go on top of other such windows when they are moved around or opened
  • Added a new feature to the museum screen to delete fossils
  • Added miscellaneous fun screen filter shaders

You can read the entire list of changes in our patch notes.

Looking Ahead

This update was largely focused with wrapping up the prototype stages, so while it may not have been very substantial for the more complete parts of the game, it is now ensured that the next release will be entirely centered around continued development of the microbe stage.

Want to hear more? Come join us in our upcoming developer Thrivestream to ask us whatever you like, and celebrate the new release!