Progress Update 04/06/2024

This week we’ve finally reached a substantial milestone in our upgrade to Godot 4! All known lock-up issues have been prevented, and a few UI bugs have been rectified. The only remaining glaring issue is the presence of a crash upon closing the game, which seems to be related to keybinding somehow.

Since we are likely to have missed some more bugs during development, we are once again asking the community for assistance in locating any emergent bugs that have arisen from this massive change.

For those interested in assisting us in the hunt for bugs, you can play our Tech Test build available for download here.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Game should no longer lock up after a few minutes of play(we don’t fully know what fixed this, this required trial and error and various small tweaks to a few things to get working)
    • Tweaked wording on the fallback opengl renderer use and disabled the 3D backgrounds again for that as they still aren’t fully correct
    • Osmoregulation cost values are now shown in red as it is a negative property
    • Fixed various small GUI things
    • There’s now a nix flake for Thrive developers
    • Updated Jolt physics engine
    • Updated translations


  • An experienced developer is implementing a new shader for engulfment mode!


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