Progress Update 03/04/2023

This week we got quite a few small programming tasks done, but a lot of time was spent on further developing the later stage prototypes. This week we already have simple aware stage prototype as well as the beginnings of awakening stage. By the time of the next Thrive release we may already have multiple more very basic stage prototypes done.

Last week we mentioned performance improvements, but the overall game rework for more performance is very unlikely to be finished in time for 0.6.2. Instead we have already completed a few small performance changes. For this release the focus of our main programmer will be the later stage prototypes and for 0.6.3 the plan is to focus on the performance.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Fixed editor tab buttons being too wide and overlapping the light level bar
    • New game setup menu is now more clear what the buttons do (back is no longer visible while in advanced view)
    • New prototype work: going on land is now implemented, and becoming aware and awakened is now possible but new gameplay is light
    • Auto-evo prediction being calculated now shows a waiting icon
    • Simplified our game entering code to call the same function from more places
    • General code refactoring of the permanently dismissible popups
    • Wrote a document describing our saving system
    • Updated some check tool package dependencies
    • Updated translations
Work has resumed on the later stage prototypes. The awakening stage will feature a new interaction system to use resources found in the world for crafting and technology development.
The aware stage prototype won’t have much content for now. Though certain people may be shocked by the above screenshot (cough underwater civ fans cough)
This screenshot shows in progress work for the mouse hover panel in the microbe stage, which will gain the ability to show more game entities in it.


  • We decided on the need for new game intro variants (#4170 and #4169) for the different starts as the current video is very clearly set in the vents. There’s currently no one actively working on a new video so we are looking for someone to do this.



  • Nothing Substantial



  • Nothing Substantial


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