Progress Update 03/23/2024

Progress continues on the massive undertaking of upgrading to Godot 4, and we have since advanced far enough to begin making devbuilds once again. Unfortunately the game is very much in an unstable state at this time as Godot has dramatically changed much of how it functions as opposed to our prior version. So expect much in the way of bugs, visual oddities, and general instability for the time being.

Loading saves is almost functional. Almost….

For the coming weeks, we can now expect to resume our weekly devbuilds as Thrive’s stability is gradually restored. Once we have reached a significant milestone in our efforts, we are also planning on releasing a public test build for wider testing coverage should anyone be inclined.

Unfortunately saves from prior versions are once again going to become incompatible due to the significant changes to pretty much everything.

For those interested in tracking the current progress of this undertaking, you can do so by viewing our github project.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • First build of Thrive with Godot 4. Note that there are still a very large number of bugs left and the game is pretty crash-happy also. Playing with reduced thread count and multithreaded simulation disabled seems to help.
    • Oxygen now has different levels in different patches which affects the utility of certain parts a ton. Watch out for trying to do a usual build in the vents now.
    • There’s now a native library variant that doesn’t require AVX, this should make Thrive playable again on some older CPUs
    • Fixed new player species name not immediately applying after exiting the editor
    • Switched the AVX feature check to use standard C# function, which is hopefully more accurate than the previous approach that we got reports about false negatives
    • Memory usage metrics now works on Windows
    • Updated Jolt physics engine version
    • Updated AngleSharp from 1.1.0 to 1.1.2
    • Updated code checking tools version
    • Arabic fallback font had to be removed as it caused buggy line heights in all text in Godot 4
    • Updated translations


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