Progress Update 1/16/2021

Last week we released 0.5.3, which sadly didn’t include the binding agents yet. We are planning to release once the binding agents are done. Some work happened this week regarding the saving errors that seem very common in 0.5.3. The good news is that we have identified the actual problem and fixed it. This fix will be included in when that is released.

Due to real life getting in the way of many of our developers, it seems that progress is currently slowing down, so we can’t promise when will be ready for release. If you want to help out please consider joining the team or spreading the word about Thrive.


  • Finally fixed the saving disposed objects error. There’s a new DevBuild to test this out. A few people have reported that they haven’t seen the saving error anymore.


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  • Please welcome TwitchyWhalez to the team

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