Progress Update 10/07/2023

This has been another productive week for our programming team, with a fresh host of bugfixes and UI improvements bringing further stability to Thrive. Not only is our beloved microbe stage going to run so much more smoothly, but the early multicellular stage will finally be fairly stable as well.

The refactor is still ongoing, but our lead programmer has made great progress converting a majority of the microbe code to the new system. Once done, the early multicellular stage will need a check up before the game can properly compile with these new changes. Our hopes is that this will be done and release-ready by late November, but we will likely need to dedicate all developer contributions to the refactor at some point in order to so do.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added a tutorial for the become multicellular button when the button is clickable.
    • Duplicating a cell type now selects that new cell type immediately.
    • Made duplicating and deleting cell types an undoable action to fix infinite MP exploit by duplicating and modifying cell types.
    • Improved the new organism statistics panel with stat not changed icon to better align changed and unchanged items on the same vertical line.
    • Fixed editor storage statistics not taking specialized vacuole into account and showing incorrect numbers.
    • A few code fixes and TODO comments for recent PRs.
    • Updated AngleSharp from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5.
    • Updated YamlDotNet from 13.4.0 to 13.5.1.
    • Updated translations.


  • The editor GUI continues to recieve a fresh coat of paint, with stat icons being added to tooltips.



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