Progress Update 09/30/2023

This week we continue to receive a wide range of additions and fixes courtesy of our programming team. Among those are some infamous crashes in the multicellular editor, making for a far more stable experience! We also now have a functional search bar in our Thriveopedia, in case you couldn’t find one of the four entries.

The refactor is still going strong, albeit slowly, as our lead programmer was moving locations, and is also bogged down by checking on the large volume of incoming changes to our code. Despite that; The majority of the code has now been successfully transferred, which means work will be moving towards adjusting everything that makes use of that code to work accordingly. It’s a long process that will likely need a lot of testing to ensure everything works fine or better.

The latest devbuild includes our revamped statistics bar. Pretty!


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Improved the visuals of the organism statistics panels and added stat icons
    • Added basic search feature to the Thriveopedia, it can only search page titles currently
    • Fixed two multicellular editor undo/redo related crashes which were recently reported to us a lot
    • Added an error dialog for failing to delete saves
    • Fixed an error print in previous build about nonexistant organelle tooltip
    • Fixed code typo warnings related to injectisome
    • Updated Karambolo.PO from 1.10.0 to 1.11.0
    • Updated translations


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