Progress Update 11/12/2022

The fruits of our labor finally emerge this week, with the now complete thriveopedia system fully operational and an exciting new video introduction for the game. Make sure to turn on intro videos if you have them disabled!

The Thriveopedia currently features the clade diagram, savefile statistics, and the fossilization menu used to marvel at species you have saved. In the future, it may also contain helpful articles providing in-depth information on certain features and functions of the game.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added the first few pages of the Thriveopedia to show info about the current game and show the evolutionary tree now in the game proper as well
    • Added fossilisation feature to save selected species to the museum which can be loaded through the Thriveopedia to the freebuild editor
    • New intro video
    • Added our social media and website links to the main menu
    • Enabled word wrap for credits to fix some misaligned columns
    • Updated translations
  • Development of the day/night cycle has been resumed.
  • Our DevCenter has been receiving some loving attention on the developer side, allowing for smoother release handling for the new launcher 2.0, which will be released hopefully slightly before the next Thrive release.


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