Progress Update 7/30/2022

This week has seen more small updates and bugfixes, along with discussion of some more serious changes to the player experience. With a growing consensus that Microbe Stage is in the later stages of development, these features will need to fight for a place on our feature backlog.

One of our ideas is beyond the Microbe Stage: bringing Thrive to Mac. Doing this will have a cost in time and money, so we will only take the plunge if there’s enough demand. If you’re an Apple user, and you want to play Thrive on it, let us know or it won’t happen!


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Auto-evo is now 60% faster by having more data caching
    • Fixed auto-evo population number difference between text report and graphs
    • The player can now move to any patch their species is in or next to such a patch
    • Fixed patches with duplicate names in regions
    • Fixed tidepool patches being able to directly connect to oceans
    • Fixed classic map patch connections not saving correctly
    • Fixed a save load problem related to engulfing with clearing objects
    • Fixed auto-evo having a chance to read gameplay adjusted population numbers, which may have caused problems
    • Thrive now asks for window close confirmation if there are probably unsaved changes
    • Unhandled C# exceptions are now logged in game logs. If you get any of these please send the logs to us.
    • The loading screen art now changes every 10 seconds
    • Prevented broken translations from crashing the game
    • Fixed an internal error with pause locks clearing with an unsuccessful save load
    • Tooltips now pick their direction better
    • Made a slight tweak to excess save deletion
    • Disposed properties now have their paths logged when saving
    • Fixed some text in the GUI not reacting to language change
    • New language: Norwegian
    • Updated translations


  • Discord discussion of UI improvements
  • Early experiments on what a 3D species might look like:



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • NickTheNick is back!

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